Brake Hose



The significance of checking the brake hose

The brake oil pipe is an important component in the brake system and is also a frequently touched area in after-sales maintenance. Once the brake oil pipe rusts, rots, or ruptures, it can lead to brake failure.


What material is the brake hose?

The brake hose is composed of metal pipes and plastic pipes. Rubber hose Z is prone to reducing brake pressure. Due to the considerable elasticity of rubber materials


What is the connection method for car brake pipe joints?

Jacket joint: The working principle of a jacket joint is to insert a steel pipe into the jacket, lock it with a jacket nut, resist the jacket, cut into the pipeline, and seal it.


Brake hose product introduction

high-strength, high-elasticity multi-strand polyester filament, good flexibility, burst resistance, high tensile strength; NBR, external adhesive EPDM, ozone resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance, oil resistance.


Air brake pipe product introduction

low internal volume expansion; Ozone resistance; High temperature and low temperature resistance (-50 ℃ - 125 ℃); High flexural fatigue performance; Strong tension; High burst pressure resistance;


Introduction of Air-conditioning Pipe Products

Product use: Used in the air conditioning system of cars, mini-cars, passenger cars, minibuses, trucks, etc., suitable for full environmental protection without destroying the ozone layer R134a refrigerant.




The main products are "JL" brand ∮3.2mm, ∮4.8mm hydraulic brake hose series and assembly for motor vehicles; air brake hose and assembly; air conditioning hose and assembly; pure rubber tube with different specifications, and so on.

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